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Miniature Chinese New Year

December 24th, 2009

Gung Ho Fat Choy! Chinese new year is a fabulous celebration and you can recreate a flavour of the season in miniature too. This amazing room set has been created using products you can readily find in our catalogue and few extras that you can find in any crafty home. Over the next few weeks we’ll show you how you can make this Chinese style sitting room and help celebrate the Chinese New Year with all it’s fabulous colours and customs.

This week, we’ll be showing you how to create the screen, vase and table, then in the second week we’ll look at the shelving unit, followed by the cupboard and in the final week we’ll show you how Thelma became a dark haired lovely.

Folding Dressing Screen with Carved Detail

First let’s make the screen, an easy place to start.

  1. Find some art work that you would like to place in your screen panels, you know that big resource called the internet has lots of images, just be sure to check you aren’t breaking any copyrights.
  2. Something bold and simple that can be easily replicated is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be Chinese-style you could have any image you like, but for this project we’re using a peony design.
  3. Measure the panels so you know what size you need and then resize your images to match.
  4. Print them out and cut to the correct size.
  5. Glue and leave to dry.

Folding Dressing Screen with Carved Detail – Buy Now »

chinese-coffee-tableNext is the small coffee table. Would you believe it used to look like this!

Use a high gloss black paint and paint the top of the table to give it the shiny lacquered look.

You may want to apply a primer to the table first.

Ornate Coffee Table (PR) – Buy Now »

chinese-vaseThe final piece today is the vase and flowers, another easy piece to get you on your way, its simply need a few extras.  Take one kettle trivet, stand the vase on the trivet and insert the flowers. Then just sit the whole lot straight onto the floor. Presto!

Elegant “Silver” Vases, 3 pieces – Buy Now »

Six Beatuiful Irises – Buy Now »

Next week we’ll go through making the bookcase, taking it from this, to this!


2 Comments to “Miniature Chinese New Year”

  1. I was wondering if you had Victorian houses? I would like to have one for a Christmas and one for Halloween projects. Thankyou

  2. Hello Carol,

    You can view a full range of our dolls’ houses on the website at http://www.dollshouse.co.uk I am sure one of our dolls’ houses will meet your requirements.

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