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Our Dress the Bride Competition winner is unveiled!

May 20th, 2010

We can finally reveal the winner of our Dress the Bride Competition!  Hannah Maguire from Dublin!

Hannah’s bride was chosen as it perfectly reflected a traditional bride, but with a bit of a twist!  The conventional, but beautiful, long, white bridal gown and lace veil, together with the traditional red roses, can be transformed in a few seconds into a modern, fitted lace dress ideal for the evening ‘do’.  The attention to detail and obvious hard work that has gone into the dress, together with the completely joyful face of her bride, were other reasons for choosing her as the winner!

Here is the story of Hannah’s bride in her own words!

“Meet Naomi, here she is on the most important day of her life – to date!  Like so many brides-to-be she wanted her dress to have that ‘wow factor’.  She wanted a dress that was traditional, ‘princessy’ (as that’s always been her dream) and last but by no means least, she wanted to feel comfortable on the day.  A tall order as any bride-to-be will know.  The result was this stunning gown, with a detachable hoped skirt revealing a fitted outfit beneath.

My name is Hannah Maguire.  I am an artist living and working in my native city of Dublin.  I made the ‘Naomi’ doll using polymer clay.  When I saw this competition advertised in a dolls’ house magazine I decided to have a go at turning this unpainted, unassembled doll into a bride.  An extravagant bride!

I got married myself last July and so I totally understand the frustrations of looking for ‘the one’ dress.

There are so many options that simply never enter your head until you are presented with 100 different shades of white.  For the ‘Naomi’ doll I decided to go for extravagance.  Her silk bodice is sewn to her body to give her that glam, corseted look.  The ribbon collar, which was pleated and attached to the bodice, was added to create a softer line around the cleavage and neck and focus attention on her face.  Her veil is Japanese lace.  The crown (added for the princess effect) was bought on eBay.  The ‘hoop’ for the larger skirt was made from malleable foam which I cut to size and stitched together.

The hoop can be clipped open and closed with buttons hidden from view.  Two layers of fabric were then attached to the hoop, first cotton and then a silk layer.  The two layers give the skirt an illusion of weight, which it would have lacked had I used silk alone.  Finally, on the silk layer of the skirt I sewed the beaded lace into place.  The flowing floral pattern of the lace gives the impression of the skirt moving or slowly swooshing down the aisle.

The fitted skirt has an under layer of ribbon over which a layer of lace was neatly sewn to her body.  A small ribbon was then tied around her waist to finish the look.  The result is a versatile outfit that transforms the doll from a princess proceeding down the aisle to a dazzling elegant bride in the evening time.”

We received a number of fantastic entries into this competition and we will be showcasing them on this Blog over the next few weeks.


2 Comments to “Our Dress the Bride Competition winner is unveiled!”

  1. Janice Curtis Says:

    Fantastic idea!! Very well done Hannah – from Janice Curtis x

  2. Janice Curtis Says:

    What a lovely idea – Well done Hannah – From Janice Curtis (Norfolk) x

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