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Dress the Bride Competition – Janice Curtis’ Entry

May 22nd, 2010

Here comes the bride!

This is the first time Janice Curtis from Norfolk has dressed a miniature person, let alone a miniature bride!  We think you have done an absolutely fantastic job Janice and we hope you are now as hooked on miniatures as we are!

Here is the story of Janice’s bride!

“Naomi has always dreamed of her wedding dress being made from dreamy chiffon, a long train, with lots of pink!  Pink is Naomi’s favourite colour.  She is very much a ‘bling’ girl, so was delighted to buy ‘iron-on’ pink diamante stones.  Using her favourite colour and diamante bling, her thoughts turn to her long train, so she sets to work on her creation.

Naomi adores pink roses.  Her soon-to-be husband presented her with a bouquet of pink roses, with a hidden diamond ring, on the evening he proposed.  So she buys some more lose stems of pink roses and arranges them in her wedding bouquet and headdress and gently glues a diamante stone in the centre of each rose, to represent her engagement memories.

Her grandmother gave her a ruby stone for her special day, which Naomi uses to make a beautiful necklace.  She also decides on an un-adorned veil as even she feels that hundreds and hundreds of sparkling pink diamante stones on her dress and veil would be a bit too much!

Naomi has a black cat at home called Mabel, so her mother presented her with a ‘lucky black cat’ on a ribbon to bring her lots of luck.  Finally, she also presented the bride-to-be and her future husband with silver horse shoes to wish them good luck and fortune for the future.

Naomi is now ready for her big moment!”


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