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Dress the Bride Competition – Rebecca Micallef’s Entry

May 28th, 2010

A most beautiful bride!

Rebecca Micallef from Malta took inspiration for her dress from her own wedding four years ago!

“I chose this style of dress as it is identical to the one I would have chosen for myself, if only I was taller than my five feet!

To create the dress I used ivory satin, ivory shiny organza and lace. I started by sewing a one tiered petticoat in net material, to give the skirts more fullness, and trimmed it with lace. I then started the under skirt, which is the foundation for the dress. I cut the satin material on the bias, seamed the back in the centre, leaving the top open for fitting, and cut the bottom edge to ankle length. I pleated two strips of organza, gathered one strip of lace and then stitched them, one on top of the other, to fit around the underskirt. I then cut the over skirt out of satin, together with a piece of the thinnest organza to give the skirt a slight shimmer, stitched the back seam and finished with a lace edging. I ruched five sections of the skirt and added a small hand-made pink rose at the bottom of each one. The over skirt was then put on to the doll, measured and gathered where the waist should be.

After finishing the skirt, I cut the train out of satin and organza.  I used matching thread to run three gathering lines across the train and pulled them to give a slight pouched effect.  The train was then trimmed with lace, pleated at one end and attached to the skirt.  The bodice was made from plain satin and fitted to the doll.  I added some padding to give a nice shape, trimmed the neckline in lace and added a small pearl bead, together with a bow at the back of the waist.  I then attached the sleeves to the bodice and my dress was finished!  Just the finishing touches to add!

I made the tiara myself with silver plated wire and added a small pearl bead and clear crystal stones.  Her jewellery was also hand-made – again I used silver plated wire, pearl beads and added a small clear crystal stone at the drop of the necklace.  Her posy was hand-made pink paper roses, identical to the ones on her dress, wrapped together with lace and tied to her hand with a narrow ribbon.  My bride is now ready to walk down the aisle!”


9 Comments to “Dress the Bride Competition – Rebecca Micallef’s Entry”

  1. Rebecca Micallef Says:

    Hi, I am Rebecca Micallef from Malta. I am the one who created the dress for this bride. I just wanted to thank you all for posting it on your blog and forum. I was really happy to see it there as it took me quite some dedicated time to do.I am a mother of a 2 and a half year old boy and of a 7 month old baby girl so it was quite an effort to do but I really enjoyed doing it as it was my very first time that I dressed up a miniature doll. Enjoy it! and thanks once again. xxx

  2. jennifer sammut Says:

    What a beautiful dress. Well done. Should have been classified first.

  3. Chris O'Hanlon Says:

    I think this dress is absolutely stunning and with all the respect to your chosen winner I think this dress is far superior.

  4. Emily Taylor Says:

    Thats a really beautiful dress. I would like one lie that if I get married.

  5. caitlyn bullock Says:

    i think this dress would come first even though the all the others were amazingly good
    well done and good luck for the future

    All my love –x–caitlyn–x–

  6. Omg Wow! Best entry i’ve seen for this:) was there a winner? anyway if there was u totally should have won. :D

  7. Beth Pattison Says:

    I was flipping in the competition’s blog and I couldn’t not make a comment on this dress. This is the most wonderful dress I have seen. Very precise and very detailed. Well done Rebecca you must have allot of patience and talent. Like the title states it was the most beautiful bride. Very surprised that you weren’t the winner. I think this competition wasn’t judged truthfully and fairly and that is very discouraging for other competitors who would like to participate in other competitions. Who the hell was the judge? Are your blind? To all respect to Hannah Maguire but she didn’t deserve to be the winner for this competiton!

  8. Dear Beth,

    Our competitions are judged by a panel of 3 judges to ensure that there is a clear consensus about who the winner is. The entry standard for this competition was very high and this always makes choosing a winner difficult. It is often the case that the judges deliberate for quite some time to reach a decision and this competition was no exception. I’m sorry that you don’t agree with the judges decision.

  9. [...] The Bride' DHE Competiton 2010. You can find the details of how I made the dress on this link Dress the Bride Competition ? Rebecca Micallef?s Entry | The Dolls House Emporium Blog Attached [...]

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