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Dress the Bride Competition – Pauline Bennett’s entry

June 9th, 2010

A crocheting queen!

We loved this dress as it was so different – especially the use of crochet instead of silk or satin.  We also thought Pauline Bennett’s description of how she made her dress was the best we had read!  We wish we had “old, sausage-like” fingers if it meant we could make an amazing dress like this!

My inspiration for this dress came from the Lady Jane doll herself.  Her beautiful neck and shoulders dictated the top of the dress.  Her elaborate hairstyle and delicate features said to me that she would have a traditional society wedding and needed a dress to suit that.  I did some preliminary scribbles and designed, but the dress seemed to design itself and the end product has no resemblance to my first idea!

First I had to change the colour of the black shoes (‘Hubby dear, you know how good you are at painting’!) and the shoes are now white.  I chose to crochet the dress because I detest sewing with a vengeance, but am completely addicted to crochet.  I made a cage first, stiffened it with white glue and moulded it over a pepper pot.  This would ensure the skirt would stick out.  The skirt I crocheted in a ruched pattern and very slowly – each panel took 30 minutes and there are nine panels, so it took me four and a half hours!  Then a flash of inspiration!  Why not thread gold or silver between the panels so I tried it and plumped for silver. The top then followed.

The edging around the wide neckline and sleeves was very fiddly, but the neckline was the worse.  The beading needle was so fine and the eye so small that I went through a lot of spit and swearing.  Then the tiny beads kept rolling away.  Oh for slender delicate fingers instead of the old fat sausage-like ones I am cursed with.  I then racked my brains to think of a suitable material for the train and veil and decided on chiffon, so I bought a scarf.  Ha, ha!  Not being a needle woman I was totally oblivious to the fact that my nails would continuously catch in the chiffon and that it would fray profusely.  Detesting sewing as much as I do the turning down of the edges was purgatory.  I didn’t enjoy sewing the lace on either so I was relieved when it was done.

The headdress was easy – a small circle of crochet with tiny flowers glued on.  A little embellishment on the train and Lady Jane was ready for the church.  Except for the bouquet of course, for which I used real greenery from the garden and the same flowers as the head dress!  What fun I have had – thank you!”


4 Comments to “Dress the Bride Competition – Pauline Bennett’s entry”

  1. Janet Minshull Says:

    I was most impressed with the bride in her wedding dress and veil, and the work and effort involved is clearly evident in the finished piece. Well done you!

  2. Wow! So hard to make…but I bet you had a lot of fun! u have a lot of talent:)
    beautiful doll.

  3. Pauline Bennett Says:

    Thank you for your comments ladies, always nice to have one’s work appreciated. Enjoyed the competition and can’t wait for the next one. Hope the competition is as tough as this one.

  4. beautiful examples of real craft not seen so much theses days .So enjoyed the pictures and decriptions..
    wonderful time consumimg and plenty of talent

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