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Can you guess what it is yet?

June 12th, 2010

As we’ve whetted your appetite for our brand new catalogue with sneak peek at our beautiful miniature gardens, we thought we would try and tempt you further by giving you a taste of what you will find on the inside!

But can you guess what this room scene will be transformed in to?  From a café or a corner shop to a bedroom or a boutique, the possibilities are endless.  Maybe a few more tantalising photographs may help!

You never know, we may reveal some more over the next few weeks, you’ll just have to keep an eye on our blog!  We really do spoil you!


One Comment to “Can you guess what it is yet?”

  1. gideon rossouw Says:

    I have passed your catalog on to an interested friend who expressed interest in dolls houses! – I have now requested that you send me your new one! = Thanks for a great web site and wonderful products

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