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The benefits of having a hobby – and there are many!

June 16th, 2010

As hobbies go building, decorating and furnishing dolls’ houses may initially seem one of the rarer ones, but the bustling market of dolls’ house magazines, and shops in every corner of the world selling a range of miniatures, would seem to suggest the exact opposite.  In talking to our customers we have found that one of the most important considerations when choosing a hobby is ensuring there is the opportunity to engage with others who have the same interest – which is why many people choose dolls’ houses as their hobby!Here on the Internet there is more than just a sense of community and a quick glance at our Forum will tell anyone that our Forum members are more than just acquaintances.  They use the Forum to vent their frustrations, share helpful hints and tips, ask questions if they are having a particular miniature problem, and even chat about things that are totally unrelated to dolls’ houses and miniatures!  It’s a fantastic way to meet new friends and to hone your miniature skills, and as we all know there is nothing better than “miniature-ing” for relaxing, encouraging creativity and getting that imagination flowing.

Why not take a look at our Forum for yourself?  You never know what you may find!


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