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June 30th, 2010

The Hourglass – Jewellers and giftware

“The owner of this establishment took over the business when his father died.  Frederick Tempus, a refined gentleman as befits his name, is know as Fugit (sic tempus fugit) to his friends.  Frederick sat at his father’s knee and watched while he repaired clocks and watches, and on leaving school he completed his apprenticeship in Birmingham and returned to help his father in the business.

There is a variety of clocks on the wall – pictures of clocks glued on to buttons.  On the back wall is a plate display – cut-outs glued onto wooden discs.  I admit, though, to purchasing some lovely charms, all hanging at the back and on one side.  These came from a card shop which sells accessories for people who make their own cards – these types of shops are a goldmine for miniaturists.

There are fancy lamps and candle holders and all sorts of other interesting items which would make ideal gifts for that special occasion.  The counters are slide boxes painted black and decorated with green beads.

This project began life as an old bookcase.  A pretty metal linked belt was long enough to make a nice surround to the shop.  I also made two hourglasses using large beads glued on top of the other.

Frederick has his own little workshop and you can see that he is in the process of making a grandfather clock – he’s been at it for some years now and it’s nowhere near finished!  On his bench he is working on some little clocks.  In actual fact one of these is my mother’s old wrist watch – it must be nearly 100 years old now!

At the end of a busy day, Frederick likes to read and listen to music; he is the organist in the church and would like to start a small choir – he sings tenor.  Sometimes he will wander along to the pub in the lighter evenings and meet the Brigadier and they have a wee dram – or three – and put the world to rights!”

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