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Dress the Bride Competition – Beate Doerre’s Entry

July 3rd, 2010

We absolutely loved the simplicity, but elegance of Beate Doerre’s bride – and that little touch that lets her dance the night away!

“After deciding to enter the Dress the Bride competition I firstly chose a doll to be my bride.  I then searched the internet and my old magazines for ideas and inspiration on bridal dresses and patterns.  I also looked through my many boxes of materials, fabrics, lace, beads and flowers to see what I could use.

I stripped my doll and braided her hair to keep it out of the way whilst I dressed her.  I also painted her shoes white to match her dress.  For the dress itself, I decided on a simple but elegant design and used a satin, glossed cotton.  I trimmed this cotton with white lace on the skirt of the dress.  Once the skirt panels were stitched together I gathered the waist with a white thread before securing it to my doll.  I then attached a beautiful train to the back of the skirt, but only secured it with a simple thread – you will see why later!

I created the bodice out of the same satin cotton and gave it long, wide sleeves, also trimmed with lace, which I attached and gathered with white thread.  Once the bodice was fitted to my bride, I added a light rosé flower to the end of her braided hair.  I also added a veil, which I made from netting, by stitching it to her hair and then covered the join between the hair and the veil with small white beads.  The last touch was her bouquet, which included dark and light rosé silk-ribbon roses wrapped in a piece of lace.

She is now ready to walk down the aisle with the father of the bride!

After the service it is now time to reveal the secret of the train!  It can now be removed easily to allow the bride to dance the night away!”


3 Comments to “Dress the Bride Competition – Beate Doerre’s Entry”

  1. caitlyn bullock Says:

    what a blushing bride this is an amazing piece like all the rest and a big well done ;)

    All my love –x–caitlyn–x–

  2. This is absolutely amazing!
    I am so unlucky not to have a ctreative mind like you! xx

  3. Your doll looks lovely!!! I love how you’ve done the clothes, she looks so beautiful and elegant!
    Very creative .

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