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Ocean Drive – just for the slightly more mature!

August 16th, 2010

In our July monthly mailer you may have seen what you thought to be a new house – a stunning, black and white, minimalist modern building.  This was in fact our very own Ocean Drive!

The Junior Collection house was transformed, with a little imagination, in to the ultimate modern collectors’ dolls’ house.  We have had so many enquiries about how this was achieved that we thought we would share a few of our secrets!

Before we start, we need to stress that it is illegal to sell aerosol spray paint to anyone under the age of 16, so although this is a Junior Collection house, this project is definitely for collectors aged 16 or above only.

Firstly, you will need one Ocean Drive house; black spray paint (we used car spray paint, rather than normal plastikote spray, as it gives a finer coverage); a protective face mask; and a large flat surface covered in a protective sheet i.e. newspaper and a well ventilated area to work in.

Lay the items you wish to spray i.e. the doors, the staircase, on the protected surface and wipe clean of any dust.

Spray each item black whilst wearing the protective face mask and following the safety instructions on the spray paint packaging.  It is preferable to do this outside so the fumes can be quickly blown away.  Alternatively, if you do have to paint indoors, make sure there is a window open!  If there is a breeze, pay attention to where the spray paint is going – you don’t want to paint something black that you’re not meant to!

Leave the items to dry before giving them a second coat to ensure even coverage.

Once the items are completely dry, assemble the house as normal and dress using modern Collectors’ accessories and furniture.

Et Voila!  The perfect miniature minimalist modern dolls’ house!


One Comment to “Ocean Drive – just for the slightly more mature!”

  1. this one is great just like the real ocean house . thank you for sharing tips and ideas on your post . i learn a lot. i hope i will hear more from you .

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