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Rocking through the ages!

August 18th, 2010

The rocking horse has been around for centuries, from the Middle Ages when knights used model horses on wheels to practice swordsmanship and jousting, to the 18th Century when rocking horses became children’s toys.

Once a toy for the upper classes only, due to the skill and cost involved in producing them, the Rocking Horse became more popular after the industrial revolution.  The emergence of mass production techniques and a new middle class meant more families had the money to spend on such luxuries and the horses themselves were cheaper to produce – soon every well-to-do nursery had a rocking horse!

To add a sense of grandeur to your nursery, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, this working wooden rocking horse with its realistic rocking motion from The Dolls House Emporium is the ideal addition.  Measuring 45mm wide, 125mm deep and 100mm high, this brown horse with black mane and tail, comes complete with its saddle and bridle – guaranteed to keep even the most demanding child happy!


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