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“It’s a Dolls World” – A story by Lauren Wise, aged 12

September 6th, 2010

This story was sent in to us by Mrs Linda Priest of Kent – it was written by her 12 year old granddaughter and we thought it was too sweet not to share with everyone!

It’s a dolls world

A story by Lauren Wise, aged 12

I am a doll.

I live in a big mansion dolls’ house, which my owner made for me.  My house in a human room, which my owner has made into “Doll Street”.  ‘Us’ locals live upstairs, while the King and Queen and all the other royals live in the Palace downstairs.  I have a very big family, with my parents and lots of brothers and sisters.  We all live together in our mansion with nice furniture and our many animals in the spacious rooms.  I love my human owner, she treats everyone and everything really well – she cleans all of our houses regularly, she makes and buys us all new things and she takes pride is us and enjoys spending her time and money on all of us.  We are her hobby.  She decorated and made all of our houses and at the moment she is working on the Palace downstairs – but she still makes us things as well, she has even knitted my baby sister a blanket!

We have a public garden and lots of shops on “Doll Street” – and the shops are lovely!  Our local café, Café Deli-cious, is so nice, the owners Mario and Luigi are so welcoming and kind to everyone, and the food is amazing.  They serve little cakes and fresh sandwiches, a lovely selection of cheeses and fresh diary products.

There is the flower shop with the pretty florist lady, Mrs Broom.  There is such a wide variety of flowers in her lovely shop, when you walk through the door it is like a colour explosion!  Then there is Mr. Douglas’ Post Office, which also a corner shop that sells sweets fro children and locals can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well.  The Post Office dog, Dotty, is very friendly and loves all the locals, and when people go to the Post Office they always give Dotty a treat.  My favourite shop of all is C’est Tres Chic.  The owner, Charlie, is so stylish!  She is also one of my mum’s best friends, so when mum goes to visit her I try on all the nice clothes and model them for her.

Me and my best friends, Mia, Constance and Grace, have all been invited to a party.  We live on “Doll Street” together – Mia lives next door, Constance lives opposite and Grace lives two doors down from me.  This party is going to be huge as it’s Princess Naomi’s (from downstairs) party and everyone is going.  Mia is going to wear her stunning cream and gold evening gown; Constance will wear an apricot and cream dress with a matching hat; and Grace will be wearing a delicate lace bridal gown (as it is such a big event her rich parents have bought her a wedding dress instead of a normal gown – she’s so lucky!).  I think Princess Naomi is also wearing a bridal gown for her party.  I have decided to wear my pretty lace outfit with a marching parasol.

The night of the party finally arrives.  We are all ready to go so we head downstairs to the royal palace where everyone and everything looks stunning!  What a blast we all had at the party – it was so much fun dancing the night away!  It all went great!

My life as a doll is so good all thanks to one special person… my owner.

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4 Comments to ““It’s a Dolls World” – A story by Lauren Wise, aged 12”

  1. Aww! What a sweet story:) Haha I wish I was the owner of such an elaborate doll’s world! I am 12 too:)

  2. aww thanks. (: it is my nans dolls houses and i thought i would type up a story on the typewriter for something to do (:

  3. so what actually made u write it did u just write it on a website thing or wat , plus it a sweet story

  4. well my nan has a room of dolls houses and i was staying round and i decided to write a story on the typewriter for something to do (: and thankyou x

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