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The perfect autumn project for your little ones – a miniature shoe box room!

September 8th, 2010

In today’s culture of computer games and numerous children’s TV programmes, getting kids to use their imaginations and creativity in a more practical way is essential – and what better way than getting them into miniatures?  But it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get the children in your life motivated about miniatures – and Janice Curtis has the perfect solution!

“During the summer holidays I looked after my granddaughter, Ellie, and my grand niece, Sophia, for a week and needed something to entertain them.  I remembered that I first got in to miniatures when I was five years old and I built a shoe box room out of cardboard – I had found the perfect project!

We started with two empty shoe boxes – Sophia decided she wanted to paint hers pink and Ellie painted hers yellow.  While the paint was drying, we started on the windows.  They drew around a coaster to get the shape of the window and then painted their scenes – Ellie drew some tulips in her window and Sophie decided on roses, complete with thorns!  I taught them how to measure using a ruler and how to draw the frames on to their windows.  They then cut out the windows and stuck them in to their shoe box rooms.

All of the furniture was made out of cardboard and painted orange and purple – these were going to be very bright, colourful bedrooms.  Matchstick boxes were stuck together to make the sets of drawers – I was allowed to stick them together using my glue gun!

The wardrobes were also made out of small boxes, which the girls decided to decorate with brides and hearts!  They then chose all of the fabric for the curtains, bedspreads and carpet.  For the finishing touch I took a photo of them together, printed two small versions of the picture which they framed and attached to the walls of their bedrooms!

I think you will agree that the finished shoe box rooms are fantastic.  We all had a brilliant day and fingers crossed they have both been bitten by the miniature bug and will continue on this creative road!


One Comment to “The perfect autumn project for your little ones – a miniature shoe box room!”

  1. What a great idea! I think i might try that one day in the school holidays if I get bored!
    Its a fun way to keep small children entertained!

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