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A truly Moroccan fantasy – our Creative Competition 2010 winner is unveiled!

September 9th, 2010

We are delighted to be able to announce the winner of our 2010 Creative Competition – Viki McDonnell of Greenock, Inverclyde, created this amazing Moroccan dream from our Village Hall.  The colours, the realism and the attention to detail was absolutely amazing.  We all wanted to be sat on the roof patio with a cold drink letting the world pass us by!  Because of this we awarded Viki with our first prize!  This is why and how Viki made her winning creation!

Moroccan Fantasy

For this year’s project I wanted to use loads of colours, textures, patterns and designs, so what better theme than a Moroccan one – but to do this I had to adapt the pointed roof by making a stepped add-on for the side walls to accommodate the roof garden.  Some of the smaller part so the kit were “not required on voyage” but the main porch was converted into a small pottery adjoining the main house, like one I had seen in Morocco.  None of the changes are permanent and the kit can be converted back into a village hall type building when the notice takes me (the roof just slides off!).

Overall design

The main house has a pillared entrance at the side (door decorated with painted metal buttons and picture hangers for door handles) and is fronted by a patio area.  The mosaic decorations on the patio are hand-made using small tiles.  “Water” is printed on acetate and cut out to fit.  All painting was done using acrylic paint which made it easy to over paint when I changed my mind about colour schemes.  Plants were made by chopping up a larger plant and inserting into pots made from painted seed pods and ring pulls.

The roof garden is accessed by a ladder at the back.  Cushions, benches, books, and the small decorated chest are all handmade – as is the wall plaque with plant.  For the pottery, a back was put on the porch and shelving added to house an array of pottery hand painted with Moroccan designs (this was real fun!  One does tend to get carried away!).

There is a two room interior – reception are and tea-house leading off (cushions and cushioned benches in the teahouse are all handmade), both with decorated ceiling and lights.  The Moroccan door leading off the patio was a “lucky find” picture frame which just happened to fit the aperture so snugly that it didn’t even need gluing!  The two iron balconies (and they are iron) were another lucky find on the internet – as was the decorative metal in the interior (amazing what you can find when you start trawling).

Photographing the creation proved the most difficult part of all as I wanted to photograph it outside to get maximum light.  But waiting for the sun to shine in Scotland requires a lot of patience and I seem to have spent the summer dodging in and out between showers – mantling and dismantling – hence the odd inconsistency in layouts but I hope this is enough to give you the general idea of what has been a real fun project.  Good place for a “wee” holiday!


11 Comments to “A truly Moroccan fantasy – our Creative Competition 2010 winner is unveiled!”

  1. Wow well done Vicky a definate winner. You should be really proud of yourself. Totally orignal and so well thought out. Always lovely to see one that has so many hand made items rather than shop bought.
    Absolutely brilliant, well done x

  2. Congratulations Viki! What a lovely idea and how beautiful! You are a worthy winner. (I’m quite jealous!)
    Best wishes, Liz x

  3. Harriet Sharp Says:

    Ms. McDonnell has created a superb fantasy and well deserves being this year’s winner. And for me, the photography is as much a part of her creation as her attention to detail, and use of colour and material. The sunlit patios and the interiors with sunlight streaming through the windows, so enhances the scene one truly wants to be Morocco bound!

  4. congratulations on winning the creative competition u deserved it the details u hav added are amazing well done =)

  5. Wow, incredible. I think I too will have a holiday via a dollshouse project this year – thanks Vicky for inspiring and cheering me!

  6. Hannah Green Says:

    I really like your Moroccan Fantasy – it`s so colourful and beautiful. It really captures the bright colours and spirit of Africa. Enjoy your prize which you certainly deserve for all your time and patience!

  7. Moroccan Fantasy is amazing

  8. Sorry about that! I did that by accident! Anyway, this is a work of a genius! And I thought that by decorating my dollshouse was creative! I’m obviously not that good! Well done Viki!

  9. superb!

  10. [...] year’s winner, Viki McDonnell’s Moroccan Fantasy, will take some beating but we have every confidence you will impress us and we can’t wait to see [...]

  11. this is amazing. the detail shocked me. its better than any other i have ever seen. the pottery and plates really stunned me. i just wish my dollshouse was more like that. you desurved to win. it won me over anyway. coingratulations :D

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