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Gothic pub “Steam Inn” through our Creative Competition 2010 – Second place winner unveiled!

September 10th, 2010

The second place winner of our Creative Competition 2010 is Liz Saxtree-Ford from Whitby in Yorkshire.  We were absolutely blown away with her Gothic styled pub, the “Steam Inn”.  From the mummified rats in the toilet and the coffin shaped bar, to the floor that glows in the dark and the vampire skeleton, the imagination that has gone in to this creation is amazing.  We’ll let Liz take over from her with how she came up with her spooky idea and brought it to life…

Living near Whitby, renowned for its famous Goth Festival, I decided the Village Hall would make the perfect setting for a Gothic themed pub.  But to follow the latest trend in Gothic fashion, I would give it the ‘Steampunk’ look – a cross between the traditional and Victorian, scientific explorer.  After a definite labour of love and much cursing (note – tweezers, small glass objects and glue in tight places should be avoided at all costs!) the “Steam Inn” (also a play on being some what inebriated…) was born.

The whole ensemble is based on an old fashioned style pub with a modern twist – complete with a spiral staircase (made from paper doilies stuck on to Perspex), which leads to an upper floor from where you can look upwards to the trap door beneath the “Dragon” tower.

Downstairs, the front porch has evolved into a snug area where the floor glows in the dark.  But it is the main bar which holds the surprises – to both sides of the coffin shaped copper bar are what appear to be glass cages containing old books and other artefacts, but they are really secret doors; one that opens onto a secret back room and the other to the creepy lavatory.  This panelled restroom has a pit set into the floor full of mummified rats, while a vampire bust looks down from above the door onto a toilet that glows green in the dark.

Under the bar floor lies the skeleton of a vampire complete with a stake through its heart.  There is a headstone in tribute to the infamous ‘Elizabeth Bathory’ down amongst the flagstones on the floor.  The seating, upholstery and leather panelling on the bar was created by myself, while my husband (who normally makes full-sized barrel chairs and has a complete aversion to anything dolls’ house related – the latter, I think, having something to do with him finding small things permanently embedded in the soles of his boots!) disappeared with my dolls’ house barrel and reappeared with the miniature chair you see in the pictures.

The outside of the “Steam Inn” is based on a picture I had of an unusual Victorian church.  The main roof resembles discoloured copper and is topped off with railings complete with bird droppings – no doubt the nesting seagull in the tower is partly responsible!  And with “Old Father Time” showing which way the wind was blowing while I took the photographs, I hope I have created the type of establishment befitting of the WGW (Whitby Goth Weekend)!


5 Comments to “Gothic pub “Steam Inn” through our Creative Competition 2010 – Second place winner unveiled!”

  1. Jennifer Newman Says:

    I absolutely love this & if I’d been judging it would have come FIRST. Thank you for being more daring than most & producing such an imaginative creation

  2. [...] Liz’s creation has more than a touch of the macabre with its coffin-shaped bar, beneath which is the skeleton of a vampire with a stake through its heart. Yuck!  It’s certainly not the kind of pub you’d want to visit on a Friday night but as a miniature creation it’s great fun.  There’s even mummified rats in the toilet and a floor that glows in the dark.  Spooky! [...]

  3. the outside of the pub was very well painted and the inside was so detailed. i would never have been able to make such a master piece as this. Welldone :)

  4. Saw this today in the shop and was blown away at how detailed and good this was.

  5. [...] couple of months, there’s the chance to see the second place winner – Liz Saxtree-Ford’s Steam Inn.  This is a spooky masterpiece of gothic-inspired fun complete with coffin-shaped bar and the [...]

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