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An amazing Aboriginal original!

September 24th, 2010

Julie Jackson, from Western Australia, has taken inspiration from her local community to create this absolutely amazing Aboriginal arts and crafts centre.  Here is her entry!

“I live in a small mining town in Western Australia.  I work with the local community.  The locals are very talented and make and paint their won traditional arts and crafts.  A local artist was an inspiration and I have called him Kelly.  They are very laid back and reserved, so as you can Kelly has abandoned his painting at the side of the shop to take a break with his guitar.  In the morning Kelly collects fresh witchery grubs to sell.  He also makes the bush medicine that he sells.

I live in a very remote part of Australia and it is very hard to get to a craft shop.  I decided to cut out the church windows to make one large window to let in the fresh air.

The shell chimes were to made from Balsa wood and shells I bought on eBay. The witchery grubs and Emu eggs were made from fimo.  The picture frames, boomerangs, and shields were made from Balsa wood and dot painted.

The digeredoos were made from old dowling and dot painted.  The wall hangings were painstakingly done with a cocktail stick!  The roof was a brush material used for screening gardens.  The Aboriginal figures were purchased off eBay and the thongs I cut from craft foam!”


3 Comments to “An amazing Aboriginal original!”

  1. I really think its good!
    How do you make something great like that?!
    Well done,
    I wish i could create something like that!

  2. Wow! I thought my dollshouse was good!
    This is brilliant, I wish i could be as creative as you!

  3. Lorraine Hurley Says:

    I saw all the hard work you put into this project and you did a marevelous job of it Julie The pics look great on here as well. Well done

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