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How to create the perfect table decoration

September 29th, 2010

This year in the main catalogue we’ve incorporated some additional looks to the dolls’ houses and dolls. With a few quick stitches and licks of paint, we’ve been able to transform the range and dive back to Victorian England and some of the most famous scenes from the world of Charles Dickens and created a stunning wedding scene in Grosvenor Hall. Here’s one of the ‘how to’ guides.

Recreate the perfect country wedding from page 66 of our new catalogue !

You will need:

Firstly, using the one penny piece as a template, cut out a circle of card and glue the candlestick into the centre. When this is dry, take some tacky wax, roll it in to a sausage shape and stick it around the base of the candlestick.

Meanwhile, carefully unpick the yellow roses from their climbing wire, starting from the bottom. You can then trim the stems of the roses and the leaves to your desired length and arrange them around the base of the candlestick by pushing them in to the tacky wax – exactly how you would arrange life size flowers in oasis !

Et voila, you have the most beautiful table decorations for your perfect wedding !

Create the full Grosvenor Hall Wedding Venue


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