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A truly magical Creative Competition entry

October 16th, 2010

Julia Jeffreys, from Swansea, really impressed us with her fantastical world of witches and wizards – her cottage in Dragons Hollow transported us straight back to a time of myth, magic and legends!  We’ll let Julia take over from here.

Our inspiration came from all of the wonderful witch and wizard miniatures we see around at the moment.  We were lucky to purchase a 1:12th scale witch doll and she needed home, thus her cottage in Dragons Hollow was born!

We altered the Village Hall and added a Dolls House Emporium greenhouse/conservatory that we had previously bought.  We cut the double doors down slightly and put the conservatory on stilts that we had left over from a previous Dolls House Emporium competition kit.  We then used the single door as the front door and papier-mâchéd all the walls, inside and out, to give us an ‘old’ look texture.

The roof is also papier-mâché and we used the bell tower to make an owl house to sit alongside the cottage.  We built a fire place from off-cuts of wood which we put around a Dolls House Emporium aga and added a mezzanine floor which the witch has to ‘fly up to on her broom’ to go bed!  The inside of the cottage is cosy and the green house is now her potion room.

Materials used in their build included: art papier-mâché for the walls, inside and out, and the roof.  We then painted them with a watery mix of emulsion and when dry, I painted on different strengths of coffee to create the damp patches!  We used thin strips of wood for the floorboards and beans and thicker wood for the mezzanine floor.

The greenhouse tables were made from off-cuts of wood that we had lying around, as was the bridge.  I then scattered grass and gravel around the outside to create the paths.  We used scenic water and tiny pebbles for the slimy stream; I bet the potion surplus ends up in there!

Finally I added ‘moss’ to the roof and added some flowers and greenery.


One Comment to “A truly magical Creative Competition entry”

  1. Wonderful! I have never thought to use paper mache, always paperclay! I love the effect! I love the conservatory! This is a project I will have to try in the future! Keep up the great work!

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