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The Dolls House Emporium supports Warwickshire Air Ambulance

November 10th, 2010

We were recently contacted by a lovely gentleman called Chris Perkins, who asked if we had any damaged houses or accessories that we no longer needed or could not sell – we were intrigued!

Chris explained that he helps to raise money for the Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance and his speciality is renovating and breathing life back into old dolls’ houses.  These houses are then auctioned off, with all the proceeds going towards this worth while cause.  We were obviously more than happy to help and offered Chris one of our Junior Collection houses.  He must have worked his magic, because the house was auctioned and raised over £285.00 for the Air Ambulance.

Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance is one of the most advanced in the country.  Since its launch in 2003 it has also become one of the busiest, attending over 9,000 incidents.  However, being one of the more advanced, also means it is one of the most expensive and as there is no Government or National Lottery funding available, it relies entirely on donations.  Not only does it need donations to keep operating, it also needs money to expand the service – it is aiming to become the first Air Ambulance service to run 24 hours a day and they would also like to purchase another helicopter for the southern part of the region to help reduce response times even further.

We are very proud to have helped Chris and the Air Ambulance, and we’re sure it won’t be last time!


One Comment to “The Dolls House Emporium supports Warwickshire Air Ambulance”

  1. l know how hard these people work,as my own son is a paramedic in essex,they work long and hard hours and bring so much help to who ever needs it ,The air ambulance should be paid for by the govermment as with out these people alot of people would,nt be here today to tell their storys and thank the ones that helped save them to me they are the ANGELS OF THE SKYS

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