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Let us know what you really think about The Dolls House Emporium!

December 11th, 2010

Our business is not only to provide you, our customers, with the best quality, inspirational miniatures, but it is also to listen and give you the best customer service we can. To do this we need to know what you really think of The Dolls House Emporium.

You can obviously contact us directly with your feedback, but if you would like to spread the “Miniatures” word further a field and encourage more people in to the hobby, you can leave your reviews in a number of other places.  For example, dooyou.co.uk and reviewcentre.co.uk are two websites where you can write your reviews of The Dolls House Emporium – whether you want to comment on our products or our services, you can do it on these websites.

We are constantly working to make our products and services better for you, so let us know what we can to make The Dolls House Emporium even more fantastic!


4 Comments to “Let us know what you really think about The Dolls House Emporium!”

  1. I love the DHE!! It’s the first place I go to when I’m looking for something specific! Most of the items are great value for money too! I’ve just ordered the Market Cross which will be my first DHE property. I’ve heard amazing things about the quality of the DHE houses so I don’t doubt for a second that I’ll have any problems with my new property. I’m also a member of the forum and the people there are so welcoming, friendly and helpful!

  2. Excellent, great customer support, items as described, high quality. My only gripe is the postage cost of houses overseas but can’t blame the DHE really Royal Mail to blame.

  3. Eugene Cole Says:

    I am excited to really get started with DHE. Placed an order a while back and have yet to receive it. The thing I really need is the catalog that I can really look and order from. I asked for it three week ago and have not as of yet received it. Taking a long time for just the catalog. I will be needing quite a few items to put the finishing touches on the rooms of my large doll house, (The Queen Ann) Please rush me one of the catalogs, Thanks
    Eugene Cole

  4. Hello Eugene,

    Thank you for you comment, for customer service queries such as this it’s best to drop us an email on info@dollshouse.com and we can investigate straight away for you. I’ve checked our system and the order left here on the 4th January for you so we would certainly have expected it to arrive by now. There will be a catalogue enclosed in the parcel for you. If it still hasn’t arrived, please do drop us an email on the address above and we will be able to chase the carrier.

    Blog Admin.

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