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Mini Mischief

December 21st, 2010

I’m afraid to say that we have a rogue employee meddling with all manner of things at Dolls House Emporium HQ. Acting under the pseudonym of ‘Mini Mischief’ a staff member is setting up silly offers that we have to honour, creating lewd displays with our products and generally causing havoc with our public relations. I urge you not to befriend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter or our blog and certainly do not open her emails which will be full of ludicrously cheap offers and miniature mischievousness. I apologise in advance for any offence she may cause; please understand that we are doing our best to stop her and have two of our best men on the case.

We have a short list of suspects who could be hiding behind the alias, ‘Mini Mischief’. If you see anything suspicious please report it immediately through the usual channels.


One Comment to “Mini Mischief”

  1. Pauline Bennett Says:

    What fun to have a person like Mini Mischief working at the emporium. How I woud like to meet her. I don’t suppose you could give me the clues as to her identity? Maybe I could work out who she is. I would, of course, tell you of my conclusion on condition that you don’t sack her.

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