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O’Rourkes but with a twist!

January 25th, 2011

Rebecca Micallef from Malta got in touch with us about her recent O’Rourke’s dolls’ house project – we loved it that much, we also wanted to share it with you!

I wanted to share with you one of my dolls’ house projects that I have finished some months ago and was quite a big hit during a local exhibition.  A lot of individuals were interested in the hobby so hopefully I managed to encourage a few more people to give it a go!

Three years ago my husband bought me an O’Rourke’s kit, from The Dolls House Emporium, as a gift when I had our first child.  I was absolutely thrilled as it was one of the dolls’ houses I had always wanted and today I appreciate it even more as it’s no longer available to buy!  It took me quite some time to get started as I was so busy with my little boy.  By the time U was ready to start building the house I got pregnant with my second child.  After Raquel was born I was able to actually start building my O’Rourke’s and decided to turn it into a china shop.

As I had been collecting items for this dolls’ house project for quite some time, I also realised that many of the pieces of china and furniture were no longer being sold, so I decided to call my shop “Matquel’s Antiques and China Shop”.  The name “Matquel” is a combination of the names of my two lovely kids – Matthias and Raquel – as they were with me through out the whole building process of the dolls’ house.

When the project was finally finished I was so pleased with it!  The instructions were very easy to follow and every part fell just seemed to fall into place the first time.  I would like to thank the Dolls House Emporium for the wonderful services they offer and for this fantastic dolls’ house kit!


2 Comments to “O’Rourkes but with a twist!”

  1. I have always liked this building(but never owned it). You have made it look beautiful, I love everything you have done to this building.

  2. I have just bought this property and you have given me some great ideas :).

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