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Creating A Family Heirloom With Jean Walley

February 9th, 2011

We always love hearing about the dolls’ houses you create using your own imagination and creativity.  It’s certainly an inspiration to us and we hope to everyone else too. A recent example is a correspondence we received from Jean Walley about Frankton Hall, her own creation based on our Montgomery Hall.

Jean’s house, which was constructed by her husband, contains fantastic attention to detail and even includes photographs of her mother and children on the walls, making it a highly personalised family heirloom.  Jean is most keen that the house be passed down the generations from Jean to her daughter and then to her daughter’s daughter.  We think it’s a wonderful sentiment and makes for a truly beautiful piece of family heritage.  Jean’s sent us so many photos and such a great journal that we’ll be breaking it into a series of blogs. Today’s the first part so stay tuned for more!

September 8th, 2007

Dear Zena,

Well for years and years I have wanted a dolls house. I had hoped that once you arrived that I would indeed get one. However, as your father was in the army it was totally impractical to build something so big to carry around the world. So you and I both had to wait.
Today we went to Morpeth where we saw some dolls’ houses, your father was going to buy one for me but as luck would have it they didn’t have the colour I wanted. When we came home, he decided to take a look on the internet. As an early Christmas present he has bought me Montgomery Hall from the Dolls House Emporium. It is a wonderful house everything and more that I had ever hoped to own.

September 10th, 2007
Well today the dolls house has arrived. However two of the sides of the house were damaged so your father has requested new ones, while he was doing that he also ordered the basement, which adds a further three rooms to the house. Oh what fun we are going to have.

September 12th, 2007
The new pieces for the house arrived safe and sound along with the basement and the lights for it as well. Now we have to decide where we are going to put it and the colours we are going to use. I have decided to keep this journal, for several reasons, one just for the fun of it, so that you can see that although the house is mine, it will eventually be passed on to you, for you to add your mark to it, and then you are to pass it on to Monica and so on down the family line.

The other reason is that providing a comprehensive account of the build and all the fixtures and fittings, by keeping all the receipts of things bought and by adding family photographs inside the house in frames, we are making it an integral part of our family history, and adding to the value of the house for future times. This is where I put in the one condition on passing this on to you, and that is, Frankton Hall must never ever leave our family, it is to be handed to the eldest daughter of each successive generation, and I trust you to honour this request, and to make sure that Monica does the same when she is the eldest female of our family.

Frankton Hall

Come back soon for more on the tale of Frankton Hall.


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