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Historic houses for sale

February 16th, 2011

An unusual house sale has been taking place on the island of Guernsey this month. A fascinating collection of dolls’ houses to be precise, ranging in age from Victorian to modern times with prices going up to £2,500.

The oldest house in the collection, named the Ann Drury House after a Guernsey antiques dealer from whom it was acquired, is thought to have been originally made in the 1830s by a local estate worker using old boards and odd bits of wood. It has an estimated value of £1000.

The highest valued house in the collection is The Green House, a fine Victorian example of the art of the dolls’ house, which features a three storey design and includes three porcelain collectors’ dolls.

Of course, for each of us our own dolls’ houses are invaluable but it’s always worth keeping a history of dates and stories associated with them. They’ll certainly be fascinating for future generations and who knows what they might be worth!


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