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Wentworth Court – The Quintessential Victorian Dolls’ House

March 4th, 2011

Wentworth Court Victorian Dolls' HouseHave you seen the TV ad for a new part-work publication called ‘Victorian Dolls’ House magazine’ yet?  This just goes to show how increasingly popular creating a dolls’ house of your own has become.

Nothing more perfectly encapsulates the traditional Victorian dolls’ house than our very own Wentworth Court.   Featuring six rooms split over three floors, it evokes the magic of childhood in a bygone era when dolls’ houses were at the very height of their popularity.

Wentworth Court has been featured in numerous magazines, leading a distinctive Victorian elegance and style to range of features and articles. Other houses in the extensive collection, incorporating designs ranging from historical to contemporary, have appeared in everything from TV ads to pop videos.

Available in kit form, as a QuickStyle fully painted and externally decorated, or completely built and fully decorated, Wentworth Court is the perfect choice for lovers of the traditional Victorian dolls’ house.


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