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Dolls’ Houses through the ages – the Georgian period

March 17th, 2011

Historically, dolls’ houses date back around four hundred years and there are numerous examples to be discovered in places like the Museum of Childhood in London.  Amongst this distinguished collection is one of the oldest surviving dolls’ houses, the Nuremberg House, which dates back to the 17th century.

 Whilst there are examples of Georgian dolls’ houses, our modern idea of the Georgian dolls’ house is inspired more by the period itself and no doubt by the success of numerous costume dramas featuring the works of Jane Austen.  As with Victorian dolls’ houses, the Georgian inspired house features distinctive architectural features and the kind of refined and elegant living that in reality was enjoyed by comparatively few.  

The difference between then and now is that dolls’ houses can be enjoyed by everyone.  Today, dolls’ houses are eminently affordable and our own collection features the prestigious Grosvenor Hall which typifies all our notions of Georgian splendour and taste.


One Comment to “Dolls’ Houses through the ages – the Georgian period”

  1. Was there ever a better style than Georgian for a dolls house? I have yet to be convinced The fantastic range of furnishings and wallpapers from DHE can make the perfect house from the 1700- 1800! Myown house is a faux tribute to dr who( using the model figues widley avaiable) I think the Dr would have a secret home somewhere in the english countryside where h could meet up with all his pals past and present in a tasteful Geogian home complete with formal gardens and force fields(in case the daleks or cybermen make an univited visit!)

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