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Dolls’ Houses through the ages – the Victorian period

March 18th, 2011

Mention a dolls’ house to anyone and it’s almost certain they will picture a Victorian inspired example.  It’s an era that perfectly encapsulates our idea of childhood – from Dickens’ youthful heroes such as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield through to Lewis Carroll’s Alice and JM Barrie’s Darling family in Peter Pan created just after the death of Queen Victoria.  It’s little wonder that the Victorian dolls’ house is the choice of so many dolls’ house enthusiasts with its combination of elegance and nostalgia, a bygone world of nurseries, housemaids and governesses.

You’ll find several Victorian designs in our own collection, notably Holme Lodge and Fern Villa, and we provide a wide range of Victorian-themed furniture, accessories and wallpapers to help you recreate an array of period interiors.


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