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Dolls’ Houses through the ages – Between the Wars

March 21st, 2011

The First World War brought the certainties of the Victorian and Edwardian ages to a sudden and bloody end and ushered in a world of uncertainty and change.  Gone were the old social order and the elegant fashions based on privilege and wealth, to be replaced by the glamour of film stars and universal suffrage for women.

Dolls’ houses reflecting the new spirit of the age are suburban dwellings like Mountfield, an archetypal 1930s house which can be seen in every suburb the length and breadth of the country.  You may even live in a house exactly like it, though it’s doubtful if your interiors match the period in which the house was built.  No fitted carpets in those days, most likely linoleum and rugs, and open fireplaces weren’t a luxury, they were your only form of heating!  As for modern appliances, well you might have had a wireless set to pick up the Home Service from the BBC but you could forget the fridge, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.  For most ordinary people, time saving appliances were still some time off.


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