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Where it all began

March 31st, 2011

The Dolls House Emporium began life in 1979, but the story of the company begins approximately 500 years before, in the Tudor period. A family friend of the company founders, Jackie Lee and Adam Purser, designed and built a Tudor dolls’ house, using the very same techniques used during the Tudor period.

Adam, a trained architect, saw the dolls’ house and realised that there might be a gap in the market and began to design and build a dolls’ house kit and thus, The Dolls House Emporium was born.

The house that started it all off is now housed in the company’s board room, to be viewed by a lucky few, but here are some images for those who won’t get to visit. Enjoy!


4 Comments to “Where it all began”

  1. Wow it’s fantastic. I would have loved to have a Tudor style dolls house. But the most amazing thing is that I was born in the same year the Dolls House Emporium was born 1979. No wonder that I always had a soft spot and grew to love dolls houses!

  2. I have been a customer since 1980 when I first bought a dolls house with some “:overtime” pay, long before I came to live in Canada. In 1998 I was thrilled to find you again and have enjoyed your excellent mail order
    service to Canada. Thankyou so much. MARJORIE.


    l have been a pleasureable customer for many many years and l owntoo many ,my husband says of your lovely houses .l saw this amazing house on one of my many visits to your shop.Today at the age of 60 l have just joined the 21st century and had a computor making my first thing to do place an order with dolls house emporium.Thank you for many happy moments.KATHLEEN

  4. Peter Valentine Says:

    I knew Adam Purser when he first started selling his tudor style dollshouses and can remember him displaying them at the Dolls House Fairs held at the Dorking Halls organised by Mary Churchill who issued one of the first Dolls House Magazines in the UK entitled “The Home Miniaturist)”.
    I purchased one of his tudor style kits which was a two storey building and almost three foot long, it had a large brick tudor chimney stack which had been made out of moulded plaster and then painted. The windows of the building were leaded. I sold it many years ago to a lady who livd in London. I now wish I had kept it as it was a lovely dolls house.
    It would be interesting to know if anyone still has an original of Adams tudor houses.

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