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Eggs-citing times ahead!

April 26th, 2011

Hi, Mini here.

 It’s been a long wait for Easter to arrive this year and I’m desperate for my quota of Easter eggs.  I’ve already ordered some eggs from the catalogue  which I’m planning to decorate but I’m counting on Mr Mischief to provide some of the chocolate kind. 

 This year he’s promised me the biggest egg I’ve ever seen but it’s not the first time he’s promised me something big only for me to be sadly disappointed.  I remember when he promised me the moon.   I thought he was overreaching himself a bit with that and I was thinking he would buy me a beautiful diamond ring or that sporty car I’ve always lusted after.  And what did he give me?  A lump of moon rock he’d bought off EBay!  Well, I certainly made him see stars, especially after I’d clouted him with his moon rock.  So his Easter egg better be good if he doesn’t want to be seeing those stars again.

Hope you have had a lovely Easter.


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