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Let your imagination go!

May 13th, 2011

When it comes to decorating your dolls’ house, sometimes it pays to think outside the box.  Which is exactly what Elvyn, one of our house builders, did when it came to decorating one of the  Holme Lodge dolls’ houses. 

Rather than follow the convention of decorating the interior to match the Victorian exterior, Elvyn decided to go for a completely contemporary twist.  The result –  truly eye-catching. Using parts that were either left over from previous builds or were destined for the scrap heap, Elvyn has taken Holme Lodge right into the 21st Century.

Judge for yourself but we think Elvyn’s approach is really refreshing and might just inspire you to try something a little different with your own decorating. This Holme Lodge will be available to purchase in the shop at Ripley  once it’s complete, stay tuned to here when you can buy this fabulous house!


One Comment to “Let your imagination go!”

  1. [...] Elvyn’s creation, based on Holme Lodge dolls’ house, really does show you how liberating it can be to think outside the box – and what amazing results you can achieve! [...]

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