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How to photograph your miniatures – Part 2

July 8th, 2011

Grosvenor Hall

Taking good quality photographs of your miniatures doesn’t have to be hard.

Following on from the guide started last week,  here are a few more tips to help you improve your results.

Camera Settings

If you have the option to manually change some of the settings on your camera, the settings which will give you the best results are as follows:

  • Set the ‘resolution’ to the maximum – this will ensure the files are as large and detailed as possible, you can always reduce this later, but you cannot increase it.
  • Set the ‘quality’ to the maximum – this is sometimes shown as Super Fine, Fine, Normal, Low for example.
  • Set the ISO (or sensitivity) to the lowest number – You may or may not have this option available depending on your camera type.
  • If you’re photographing something small, try looking for a macro option on your camera, usually shown as a flower head, this will allow you to focus on objects much closer to the camera.

Landscape or Portrait

Sometimes it’s worth rotating the camera by 90 degrees and going for a portrait rather than landscape image – especially useful if you want to cut out unwanted background.

Angle of view

Try to get the camera in line with the subject and avoid taking a photograph of something from above.

Fill the frame

If you want to capture a specific detail get in close and fill the frame.

Avoid dust and dirt

Always check for specks of dust, dirt or even fingerprints which otherwise will end up magnified when you zoom in or get close to your subject.  Use a small paintbrush to get in all those nooks and crannies.


If your photographs are coming out blurry or you don’t have much light, try using the self-timer on your camera to avoid any movement caused by depressing the shutter button.

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