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How to photograph your miniatures – Part 3

July 11th, 2011

Following on from the previous two parts to this guide, it’s now time to get down to editing and sharing the images.

Editing your pictures

Many computers these days come with an application that allows you to edit your photographs or else you can download one from the internet.  One of the popular free applications from Google is:

Once you’ve loaded your pictures onto a pc, you can do as much or as little to them as you want but every image can be improved with a little bit of photo editing work.  With Picasa for example, you can do the basic image editing tasks very quickly and easily.  You can crop (trim or cut) the picture, for instance to remove a thumb that has strayed into the corner of the image.  Or you can change the colour balance if it doesn’t look quite right.  It can be great fun and you can really enhance your pictures in the process.

Sharing your pictures

When you’ve done something you’re particularly proud of, you want to share it with everybody else and there are lots of places to post your pictures online.  First and foremost is the Dolls House Emporium website where you can show fellow enthusiasts what you’ve been up to and discuss particular issues in the forum.  It’s great as well to get feedback and be part of our online community.

Photosharing sites

Some of the more popular photosharing sites are:

Most of the companies listed above provide the option to create lots of different items such as tea/coffee mugs, mouse mats, books, keyrings and many other items, all with your own choice of photo on the front!

2.     Email

Try to avoid sending huge files by email – it’s time consuming and can be really frustrating.  It’s a good idea to reduce the size of the file which will shorten the time it takes to send it.  Only send the original file if the person receiving it wants to print the image to a high quality.

3.     Digital Photo Frame

Another method of sharing your photographs is to buy a Digital Photo Frame.  This is effectively a computer screen without the big box and the photographs are usually stored on memory cards which can be plugged into the back of the frame.

4.    Prints

A lot of the online photo sharing sites allow you to order prints of your photos which they will deliver it to your door.  Great for sending to family or friends who don’t have a computer.

5.     Mobile Phone

You can always copy your photos to your mobile phone to show your friends.  Take a look in your mobile phone manual to see what options you have available.

6.     Photo Book

This is a book created / printed by professionals but with all your precious photo memories and creations inside.  They come in various sizes, shapes and finishes.

Hopefully all this advice inspires you to take better photographs of your dolls’ house and don’t forget to share your images with us.  We always love to see the wonderful things you make.

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