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Dolls’ houses span the globe

July 22nd, 2011

If any more proof were needed that dolls’ houses are a truly worldwide and cross-cultural hobby, then a project taking place at Kansas University in the US demonstrates how international their appeal has become.

A group of female undergraduate students from Morocco, Sudan, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Egypt have created six dolls’ houses to reflect their home country’s traditions.

“This house is like our country,” said Tahmina Kohastani, from Kabul, Afghanistan. “We felt like we were working on our country.”

The women are all undergraduate students in their home countries and are attending Kansas University as part of a women’s leadership programme sponsored by the US State Department.  They made the dolls’ houses as part of a fundraising effort for abused and neglected children.

It is truly amazing to see just what an influence dolls’ houses have and how they can be used for many good deeds. we wish everyone on the programme the best of luck and hope they were able to raise lots of money. You can read more on this great story here.


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