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The most unusual appearance of a dolls’ house in a film ever?

September 4th, 2011

We know the more eagle-eyed among you are always spotting dolls’ houses appearing in films and on TV but we think the following example must rank as one of the most unusual appearances of a dolls’ house in a film.

‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ is a science fiction B movie from 1957 in which the eponymous hero does indeed begin to shrink until he is small enough to take up residence in a dolls’ house in his own home.   Made in black and white and with special effects that are decidedly primitive when compared to today’s CGI, ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ is not everybody’s cup of tea but it has nevertheless garnered a positive reputation over the years as an imaginative and thoughtful film.

So is this the most unusual appearance of a dolls’ house in a film or do you know of a better example?  If you do, then please share it with us.



One Comment to “The most unusual appearance of a dolls’ house in a film ever?”

  1. There is a dolls house in the film Tales of Beatrix Potter, the one starring the Royal Ballet. The mice play havoc with it. Specially when they cannot eat the “food”. It was one of my favourite films.

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