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When Mona Lisa’s smile disappeared

September 5th, 2011

One hundred years ago on 21 August 1911, a man walked out of the Louvre in Paris with the most famous painting in the world hidden under his coat.  When the museum reopened the following day, staff discovered that where the Mona Lisa should have been hanging there was only a blank space on the wall.

The Mona Lisa wasn’t seen again for two years and in the intervening period, many people were suspected of having committed the crime, even Pablo Picasso.  It was eventually discovered to have been stolen by an employee named Vincenzo Perrugia, though only when he tried to sell it to another museum.

Today the Mona Lisa is to be found behind bulletproof glass and huge crowds of spectators but think how much better it would look if it was hanging on a wall in your own house.  Well, your dolls’ house at least.  You’ll find a large selection of picture frames in the Dolls House Emporium collection and you can use them to frame your favourite picture, whether that is the Mona Lisa or a Jackson Pollock, one of whose paintings is currently the world’s most expensive at one hundred and forty million dollars.  The choice, as they say, is yours.


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