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Life’s a sneeze!

September 7th, 2011

Have you ever thought of making a dolls’ house out of tissue box covers?  Well, that’s exactly what one miniature enthusiast in the United States has done and the results are amazing.

The woman in question is Christine Ferrara, one of a new wave of mini enthusiasts who champion a thoroughly modern approach to dolls’ houses.  Her blog, Call of the Small, has proved to be highly influential and it’s definitely worth a look to see her DIY approach to creating modernist dolls’ houses.

Christine’s fascination with all things mini began in 2008 when her husband bought her a modern dolls’ house as a Christmas gift.  She currently has 12 dolls’ houses which are threatening to take over her entire house!

She has plenty of ideas to inspire you on her website if the modern touch is to your taste.



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