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Titania’s Palace

September 9th, 2011

Titania’s Palace was the brainchild of the English painter and officer, Sir Neville Wilkinson who took his inspiration from his daughter, Gwendolyn.  The little girl claimed to have seen a fairy in a wood beside the family home at Mount Merrion House in Ireland and her father decided to create a palace fit for fairies to live in.

Sir Neville commissioned a firm of Irish cabinet makers in 1907 to build the palace.  Not a man to think small even in miniature, Sir Neville’s construction consisted of 18 rooms and salons and included 3000 tiny works of art and miniatures from around the world.  It took almost 18 years to complete.

Sadly Titania Palace is not to be found in Ireland today.  It was sold at auction in 1978 and found its way instead to Denmark, firstly displayed in Legoland and eventually ending up at Egeskow Castle where it can be seen today.  





8 Comments to “Titania’s Palace”

  1. Hi I have just read your post on Titania’s Palace. I work with a small museum called Tara’s Palace Museum of Childhood which is located in Powerscourt House, Wicklow, Ireland. Titania’s Palace left Ireland in 1967 and the founder of Tara’s Palace, Mr Ron McDonnell, spent many years trying to get it back. He was unsuccessful but it did not end there. He and some colleagues decided if a miniature palace built by Irish craftsmen was built once it could be done again and so began a great true story with a fairytale ending. Tara’s Palace took over 20 years to build and furnish. It contains 22 stunning rooms, each furnished with exquisite miniature furniture, many of them priceless antiques. Following the tradition of Titania’s Palace, Tara’s Palace raises money for children’s charities. You can read more about the relationship between Tara’s Palace and Titania’s Palace on our blog http://museumofchildhood.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/a-sad-story-with-a-fairytale-ending/

  2. Stephen Murray Says:

    Am I one of the fortunate? That I was able to see Titania’s Palace, in its entirety in a big empty house beside a lake near the town of Gory, Wexford R.o.I. In July 1952, I was staying with friends in the Barnland Gory, and as I had travelled from Dublin on a motorcycle I was able to visit the house at the cost of 3 pence.
    Some 20 years ago, I was told that the origina lowners were the ESMONDS of Balinastraw (I’m not sure of the spelling.)
    Early in WWII a couple of German war ships ran through the channel to the North sea and safety. They were attacked by Fleet Air Arm Fairy Sward Fish’s one was piloted by a Eugene Esmond and he recieved a postumas V.C.!

  3. [...] on a feature about the famous dolls’ house, Titania’s Palace, Stephen writes: “Am I one of the [...]

  4. Annette Fletcher Says:

    I saw Titania’s Palace when I was a young child. I have no idea where, I think it might have been when we were in Somerset on holiday one year (Wokey Hole, Cheddar Gorge area) but truthfully I don’t know and my Father remembers nothing about it! However, it was one of those moments in a child’s life which changes everything forever. I still yearn for a doll’s house and I can still remember how much I loved gazing at Titania’s Palace.

  5. maria goggin Says:

    thank you stephen murray. i saw titania’s palace in wexford when i was a child on holiday with my relatives in enniscorthy. i remember being put sitting on the surrounding cushioned rail bu couldn’t recall the year.i now know it was 1972 and i was 7 yrs old. i have never forgotten the wonderful experience. when i can afford to i will go to demark to see it once again.

  6. Please can you advice me,where Titania`s palace is now.I would also like to know the years,it was at Wookey Hole.Then owned by the Hodginson family

  7. I am danish and saw Titania’s palace when it was first bought by Legoland some 30 years ago. It is still in Denmark, now exibited at Egeskov Castle (http://egeskov.dk/en/first-floor-guideline). I would love to see it again sometime as it sparked my interest in miniatures :-).

  8. Marion Bolger Roantree Says:

    I remember viewing Titania’s Palace in my hometown of Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland, when I was about eight or nine years old. My two Aunts came home from England to Wexford on summer holidays and along with my mother and the rest of us children we went to Ballynestragh House to visit this wonderful little Palace which enthralled children and adults alike. A lovely memory.

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