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The March of the Mini-Modernists

September 12th, 2011

Some people are in love with all things modern and dolls’ house enthusiasts now include a growing number of people who are avid collectors and creators of mini-modernism.  Not for them Georgian dining tables or Victorian table lamps.  Their houses are full of streamlined sofas, plastic chairs, glass tables and steel lamps.

To see some examples of where modern thinking can take you, there is a group on the Flickr photo sharing website called Modern Miniatures, whose members come from the United States, the UK, Australia, Germany and Japan and who post photos of their creations.

There is also an increase in blog sites such as ‘Call of the Small’ which was a finalist in the about.com 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Miniature Blog.  The creator of this site is a 40 year old public affairs director in the US who in her own words uses her dolls’ houses “to be creative and take risks” – to do things she wouldn’t do in her regular house. You could also check out Mini Modern, another collector based in the US who even has an Ocean Drive in her collection.

We still love our Victorian and Georgian dolls’ houses but there is something wonderful about seeing people creating interiors that reflect the way we live now with evocative little details like wellington boots left by the door and post-it notes stuck on the mirror.




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