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The Kaleidoscope House – modern thinking in dolls’ house design

September 15th, 2011

It seems dolls’ houses have never been more popular.

But it isn’t all about Victorian and Georgian designs with their nostalgia for the past.

Of course there’s Malibu Beach House for lovers of modern living and if you pay a visit to the Museum of Childhood (part of the Victoria and Albert Museum) in London, you’ll find another amazing example of modern dolls’ house design.

Created in 2002 for Bozart Toys, the Kaleidoscope House was conceived and designed by a practising New York architect, Peter Wheelwright, and an internationally-renowned artist, Laurie Simmons, who is noted for using dolls’ house imagery in her photographic work.

Made in a 1: 12th scale, the house has sliding transparent colour walls, hence the reference to a kaleidoscope in its name, and features specially designed and made furniture by people such as Dakota Jackson (the dining room suite) and Karim Rashid (the living room sofa).

Today, the Kaleidoscope House is much sought after by serious collectors and even a well-used one can command four figure sums.



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