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Dolls’ house Creative Competition 2011 – more entries on show

September 22nd, 2011

It’s time to share the amazing skill and imagination of miniatures fans across the UK by posting a selection of entries from this years Creative Competition 2011.

As well as admiring the work, we hope it will bring inspiration to anyone who might want to have a go for themselves. This year’s starting point for everyone who entered was the Garden Pavilion kit.

We focus today on Helen Dunn, from Walsall, who was inspired by her love for all things mediaeval, and created a crypt, with the old knight guarding his Lord’s tomb from the chamber above.

Helen Dunn's creative competition entry

The tomb itself remains a secret place, accessed only through a trapdoor under the knight’s bed. We see it through perspex panels which reveal the secret below.

Helen says: “The Lord lies in his stone coffin with his sword on top and there is a table and chair where the knight sits in vigil remembering their battles together.”

The furniture was made from wood offcuts and stained while the chain mail was painstakingly made from tiny split rings linked together. The candles are real candles – birthday cake ones – with the swirl pattern trimmed off and the candle then cut to size.

The floor tiles are crafted from clay, the brick effect for the walls was gained through mixing water, glue and wall filler powder to a paste and then using a stencil. The pillars were made by gluing three lengths of dowel together and using the wall mix to fill them out.

Cub and Brownie leader Claire Wright, from Oxfordshire, won third place in this year’s contest and £200 of Dolls House Emporium gift vouchers for her depiction of “1st Camp”.

Alice Baudet’s entry, a French B&B – Villa Bienvenue - was second and won £350 of vouchers.

The winner was Emma Metcalfe, who re-created a Welsh cottage from days gone by for her Snowdonia 1890 montage that won her top prize of £650-worth of dolls’ house kit.

There will be many more entries featured on the blog over the coming weeks (and possibly months!) so make sure you pop back frequently to see them!


2 Comments to “Dolls’ house Creative Competition 2011 – more entries on show”

  1. Fascinating and very well executed!

  2. marvellous idea for inside house : beautifull work !

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