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Thorne Miniature Rooms

September 23rd, 2011

In our occasional series of famous dolls’ houses, our next entry isn’t strictly a dolls’ house at all but rather a series of 99 miniature rooms.

In 1930, Narcissa Niblack Thorne, a wealthy Chicago socialite and enthusiastic collector of miniature objects, decided to create a series of rooms to house her growing collection of miniature furniture and household accessories.

During the next ten years, the project grew in scope and ambition as she and the master craftsmen she commissioned went on to create 99 superbly detailed rooms.

The interiors range from the great hall of a castle in Tudor England to a French boudoir in the time of Louis XV to an art deco penthouse.

They are incredibly detailed with upholstered furniture, handmade rugs, stained glass windows and framed pictures.

The rooms are even lit according to certain times of day and it is said they influenced a young Orson Welles who went on to create the film ‘Citizen Kane’ which is notable for its own amazing set designs.

Today, the rooms are spread across the United States and can be found in museums ranging from Chicago to Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona.



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  1. i just love dolls houses i have thee

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