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Railway station model based on real life

September 27th, 2011

The story of a wartime evacuee inspired Betty Melbourne with her creation of a country railway station – in another imaginative use of the original garden pavilion kit!

She put in considerable legwork to properly research her project, which caught the judges’ eyes in The Dolls House Emporium creative competition 2011.

wartime railway station model

In the end, she based the design on an amalgamation of several country stations which have often been the venues for 1940s re-enactments, meaning they gave a detailed picture of what actually might have been there at the time.

Betty said: “During WW2, mum, now aged 92, worked as a land girl in a market garden where she met Bobby, a little boy who had been evacuated from London.

“She often talks fondly about this time in her life and this helped me to decide what the theme of my entry would be.”

vintage railway station scene
The extended base forms a platform and station master’s yard, where his own contribution to the war effort was the well-stocked vegetable patch.

The modified building includes a waiting room, station master’s office and ticket office, with interiors based on images from the 1940s.

Betty, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, said: “Where I couldn’t resource authentic items I found the challenge of using a multitude of everyday materials to construct or make them quite exhilarating.

“The internet has been a great source of images and ideas to help me create the atmosphere of a wartime station, from printable posters and newspapers, to pictures showing me what the various uniforms looked like and how the evacuees might have dressed.”



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