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Too many cooks at The Dolls House Emporium?

October 7th, 2011

Dolls’ house and miniature collectors sometimes find their hobby taking over their lives.

And here at the Dolls House Emporium we hear about all manner of tales from our customers.

But this one seemed to be living the life of her dolls when she commented on a tiny tray of Yorkshire puddings, saying: “The puddings were only partially filled, and the filling looked dry and shrunken. I would be ashamed to serve this if I were a doll.”

Humour @ Dolls House Emporium
Needless to say, our award-winning customer service team was on the case straight away to seek out the miniature baker responsible for the oversight.

They tracked down Luigi (our 152mm celebrity chef, pictured below with his puddings) but he sent them packing from his busy kitchen.

Luigi the chef at the Dolls House Emporium
The good news is that after finishing preparing lunch he popped over to Dolls House Emporium HQ in Ripley and promised never to let his junior cooks loose on the main course again!


One Comment to “Too many cooks at The Dolls House Emporium?”

  1. I think the customer was thinking of the Yorkshire puddings served up as meals when she said they were only partially filled. i.e. Yorkshire pudding with bangers and mash/chicken/beef, etc., and has never served plain Yorkshire puddings with Sunday roast!. Dont blame Luigi blame modern women not knowing the difference. I had t some Yorkshire puddings bought for me for my Victorian kitchen and they always look lovely when my cook gets them out of the oven.

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