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Dolls’ house will raise funds for Oxfam

October 9th, 2011

A question for dolls’ house fans:

Which item could you put in a charity shop window that would cause hundreds of people to inquire about buying it?

The answer is, of course, a dolls’ house and the shop in question is Oxfam in Bromsgrove.

Donated by a local resident, the eye-catching, handmade Victorian-style house features eight rooms, dolls in period costume, a piano, spinning wheel and furniture.

“When we put it into the shop window,” said the shop manager, Anne Orchard.

“People kept stopping in the street to look at it.  Hundreds of people have been in, asking us ‘how much is it?’.”

Due to the level of interest which it has attracted, the dolls’ house is to be sold at auction to raise money for the Oxfam charity.

If you are interested, the auction is taking place in the Bromsgrove store on Saturday October 15 at noon.



One Comment to “Dolls’ house will raise funds for Oxfam”

  1. teresa shears Says:

    how very sweet,such a lovley gesture and a lovley house.Hope it raises lots of money.

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