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Miniature artisans: The Maine event

October 11th, 2011

Did you know that there was an International Guild of Miniature Artisans? 

Neither did we – but their Guild School, which takes place in Castine, Maine on America’s east coast next June, is one of the biggest events in the world for miniature artisans.

One person who is definitely excited by the prospect is Mavis Cheyne from Waikanae Beach in New Zealand, who’s won a scholarship to attend after providing examples of her impressive work.

Mavis’ own miniature collection, which has taken over 20 years to make, includes hundreds of dolls, ranging from the size of a finger to the size of a water bottle, each with individually knitted clothing. There are also several house settings in her collection, or shop fronts, with her early work made from cardboard and later work from finer woods.

When asked about working on such a small scale, Mavis said, “It can get quite frustrating but you have to be patient to do this kind of work.

“I get a lot of satisfaction. You work for that long on something that when you finish it is very satisfying.”


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