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Village life in miniature

October 20th, 2011

Village life in miniature was key to the dolls’ house experience created by Dorothy Langford, from Winterslow, near Salisbury.

She entered the Dolls House Emporium Creative Competition turning her garden pavilion kit into a village hall fund-raiser.

The jumble sale is due to start at 2pm, and judging by the clock on the roof, everything’s about to get into full swing!

Dorothy Langford's village life in miniature

Dorothy says: “I am now 76 and have helped to raise thousands of pounds at jumble sales for our children.

“At this village hall, to the left of the door are hooks for the children’s coats, a leftover maybe from when the hall was a primary school, and on the right the toy box, where the toys are kept. The walls are decorated very prettily by the children and their teachers.

“My children when they were small went to our local playschool, it was an important part of their childhood. Those were the days! When I stayed with my children to help with milk and biscuits, reading stories and quiet time to recharge their batteries!”

It sounds as though Dorothy had a trip down memory lane while getting this entry together!

Check out the winners on our Creative Competition 2011 page.


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