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A steampunk dolls’ house project

October 29th, 2011

The discussion forum throws up all kinds of weird and wonderful dolls house and miniature items.

Here at The Dolls House Emporium we were particularly struck by the work of a new member from Victoria, Australia.

The project in question is a science lab which has a fantastic ‘steampunk’ feel to it and even comes complete with a replica of ‘The Time Machine’ as featured in the 1960 film of the same name.

We think it’s an amazing creation and you can see the work in progress here.

What is great is the way other forum members have chipped in with lots of advice and encouragement that are proving a real help in the project!

Logging in enables you to share your thoughts and work with fellow enthusiasts and pick up lots of fantastic tips and ideas along the way.

(It’s also great fun!)



One Comment to “A steampunk dolls’ house project”

  1. Congratulations, Things! :D

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