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Respect where it’s due in a miniature world

October 31st, 2011

Some people can be disparaging about the world of dolls’ houses but if they attempt to make their own, they soon change their tune.

Take Morgan Satterfield who lives in the bizarrely named Beautiful Helmet in California.

Hosting a fascinating blog called the Brick House, Morgan decided in his own words to ‘be an insane person’ and make a miniature version of a prefab house he’d seen and admired.

Once into his project – and you can read his full account on his blog – Morgan rapidly comes to this conclusion:

“How do hardcore dollhouse people do this? It is (admittedly) really fun, but also, frustratingly challenging.”

And ends by offering the following words to mini modern makers:

“Mad respect.”

To which we say thanks and we’re glad to welcome another convert to the cause.


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