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When is a dolls’ house not a dolls’ house?

November 1st, 2011

So, when is a dolls’ house not a dolls’ house? When it’s a dolls’ villa.

That is what Liliane Limpens, who hails from the Netherlands, calls her contemporary dolls’ house.

Actually it’s an innovative piece of play furniture on wheels that’s designed as a home for larger sized dolls (30cms).

Liliane originally built the house for her own children and she explains:

“The implicit message I want to give to children is: ‘Look, here is a villa made just for your children. No expense has been spared, on the contrary. If your children – the dolls – are happy, this contributes to your own happiness.’

The detail, quality and design of Lilianne’s house are incredible and you can see it in its full glory on the MoCoLoco website which is dedicated to everything related to contemporary design and architecture.


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